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James Grindrod
Financial Advisor & Insurance Specialist – Wealth Management

Our insurance specialist, James, implemented and manages our Life Insurance service offering. His capacity to foster and deepen his client relationships whilst mentoring and developing the skills of his peers comes naturally. James looks towards the future and offers his clients personal and financial advice to reach their goals in our constantly evolving and changing world. His devotion to his role ensures that he is only satisfied once his clients are satisfied and with no hesitation will meet their needs; whether it be meeting at their home, out of office hours, discussions over the phone or dealing with their insurance needs with external providers.

James started at Accru Melbourne in 2008 working within the Wealth Management division. With his distinctive, caring nature and genuine charisma; James has developed his skills into becoming our Insurance Specialist. He has a positive and infectious attitude towards assisting and nurturing his clients to ensure he is providing them with the solutions that they require.

Best describes James: “Nurturing and fostering long-term relationships for mutually beneficial outcomes.”

James Grindrod - Financial Advisor

Contact: jgrindrod@accrumelb.com.au
Tel: +61 3 9835 8200

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