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  • Invest is best children grandchildren - Accru Melbourne
    Wealth Management

    To invest is best for your children and grandchildren

    June 6, 2018

    How do you grow wealth for your children? There are many benefits of investing for a child: Leaving a legacy for them Providing for education expenses Having enough money for the big purchases (car, house etc) Teaching them how to invest Teaching them the miracle of compound growth The structure of Ownership No separate investment […]

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  • 10 Financial tips before and after children - Accru Melbourne
    Wealth Management

    10 financial tips for before and after children

    May 22, 2018

    What should you do financially before and after you have a child? Pre birth Private Health Insurance – if you want to use a Private Hospital you need Private Health Insurance (including pregnancy) at least 12 months before the child is born (some insurers are longer). Yes, this means signing up well before… Centrelink – check […]

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