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Estate Planning


We provide you with a holistic plan that considers all your financial affairs – investments, trusts, tax planning, risk insurance, superannuation, retirement, wills and estate planning.


Estate Planning is a critical component in reviewing your holistic wealth position and goes well beyond simply having a will. When managed effectively it can ensure that your wealth is protected and transferred to your intended beneficiaries in a tax effective manner and in line with your wishes. A large number of Australians will die without a valid will and while many individuals do have a will, it can often be outdated and not accurately reflect the individual’s circumstances or testamentary wishes at the time of their death.

A robust estate plan will help in protecting your assets in the way that you intend. An Accru Wealth Management financial adviser is not only familiar with your financial circumstances but also your family dynamics and long-term objectives for the transfer of your wealth. They are in a unique position to ensure that your estate planning provisions are in order and incorporate all the aspects of your ever changing financial situation.

Tailored advice in this area of financial planning is imperative and our financial advisers can work in conjunction with you and your legal advisers to develop an estate plan that meets your needs. We will assist in developing a plan that protects your assets from family disputes, excessive tax and creditors, and can provide guidance in relation to matters such as:

  • Asset protection
  • Establishing a will
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Philanthropic provisions
  • Tax planning

Upon transfer of wealth to your beneficiaries, your financial adviser is in a position to continue to assist in the management of this wealth by working with the next generations. This can provide you comfort in knowing that your beneficiaries will have access to sound and proactive advice in managing these assets.

Estate planning is a specialist area and it is therefore important that you obtain professional legal advice in relation to all areas of your estate plan. However the Accru Wealth Management financial advisers are in a position to help you understand many of the estate planning situations that arise and will refer you to legal advice where required.

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