Checklist: Moving into an Aged Care Facility

Moving into an Aged Care Facility?

Moving into an Aged Care Facility can be a stressful time for both the person moving into the facility and also their family.

This often forces people to defer moving into Aged Care Facilities and remain in their family homes for too long and without the appropriate levels of care.

Our checklist is designed to make the move into an Aged Care Facility as seamless and stress free as possible for you or your loved ones.

Eligibility Assessment

The first step is to organise for the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) or Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS) in Victoria to complete a free assessment.

This assessment involves the representative evaluating your need for care as well as explaining the different Aged Care options available to you.

If you are not approved to enter an Aged Care Facility there are still other in home care options available such as a cleaner, gardener and readymade meals.

Levels of Care

The eligibility assessment will determine whether you require low or high level care.

Low level care is for those that are generally still independent but require small levels of assistance with daily activities such as cooking, cleaning and showering.

High level care is for those who require around the clock nursing care and require significantly levels of assistance with daily activities.

Finding a suitable Aged Care Facility

When looking for an Aged Care Facility we suggest that you visit numerous facilities to allow you to compare their services.

If you find the right Aged Care Facility but are not ready to move in straight away, it could be worthwhile putting your name on a waiting list to ensure that the facility is available when you are ready to make the move.

Visit our tips for finding the right Aged Care Facility.

Assess the Fees and Costs

The fees and costs associated with Aged Care facilities are Refundable Accommodation Deposits (RAD’s), Basic Daily Fees, Means-tested Care Fees and Extra Service Fees.

These fees and costs will depend upon the Aged Care Facility and your financial situation.

Applying to an Aged Care Facility

Applying to your chosen Aged Care Facility involves providing a copy of your eligibility assessment and completing the Aged Care Facilities application form.

Acceptance to an Aged Care Facility is not guaranteed and will depend on vacancy levels, the fit and level of care you require and the fees that you will pay.

Accepting an offer from an Aged Care Facility

To accept an offer from an Aged Care Facility, you will need to sign and return the Aged Care Facilities Residential Agreement.

Once accepted you have up to seven days to move into the Aged Care Facility.

Arranging your Move

Before moving into your chosen Aged Care Facility it is important that you notify the following of your move:

  • Centrelink or Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Medicare
  • Your Doctor and Pharmacist
  • Australian Electoral Commission
If you require assistance or have any questions about moving into an Aged Care Facility, please contact one of our Wealth Specialists, complete your details below and we’ll be in touch or give us a call on 03 9835 8200.


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