The Accru Experience

Our office, conveniently located in Hawthorn East, offers a prime location with easy access to shops, cafes, restaurants, and parks. Commuting is a breeze, thanks to the excellent local transport connections. 

The office itself has a modern design with functionality and comfort in mind. It features an open-plan layout that promotes collaboration and teamwork, providing ample space for employees to work together. 

With its abundance of natural light, our office is bright and inviting, creating a pleasant and energising work environment that includes:

  • A dedicated client meeting area that is well-equipped for productive discussions 
  • Sit/stand desks that offer flexibility and promote employee well-being
  • Up-to-date laptops and software, ensuring our employees have the tools they need to excel
  • Collaborative office space enabling teamwork and creativity, providing an ideal setting for productive work and seamless interaction among our team members. 

Overall, our office space is thoughtfully designed to foster productivity, collaboration, and a positive work experience.

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