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Wealth Management


We provide you with a holistic plan that considers all your financial affairs – investments, trusts, tax planning, risk insurance, superannuation, retirement, wills and estate planning.


Accru Wealth Management pride ourselves on being responsive and proactive. We listen to the needs and objectives of our clients and offer concise, professional and knowledgeable financial advice to best suit their requirements.

Our team of financial advisors have experience working with an array of clients at different stages of their life with a diverse range of goals. As a result, our team is qualified and proficient in providing a vast range of services to meet the needs of new and existing clients. We want to see our clients grow and prosper therefore we provide a comprehensive approach to ensure that we are actively accomplishing their goals in a manner that they can fully understand. Our range of services include:

+ Investment advice

+ Wealth Creation

+ Personal & Business Insurance

+ Lending and Mortgage Broking

+ Estate Planning

+ Superannuation & Retirement Planning

Creating opportunities for our staff to grow and learn more about financial strategies and investments not only benefits our clients but ensures that we are expanding our network and knowledge to maintain the best position in this ever-changing, fast paced industry. We enjoy watching our clients reach their full financial potential and are continuously improving our systems to connect in a meaningful way.

Established in 1998, Accru Wealth Management holds our own Australian Financial Services Licence and operates a personal, tailored and holistic offering to all clients. Accru Wealth Management also holds an Australian Credit Licence to provide mortgage broking services to clients.

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What our client’s say

“I was previously dissatisfied with financial advice and performance from my old consultant. A personal friend who had been with Accru for a significant period of time, recommended I meet them. I also met with two other firms to get a broader view of who and what was available. Based on my friend’s experience and the three interviews, I chose Accru! I have been pleased with my decision from the outset because the interaction has been clear, comfortable and my objectives are being met without the feeling of high risk I experienced before. Goals have been realistic – not adventurous but have met my needs. I feel the service has been thorough, covering much more than financials. I enjoy a good relationship with my advisor and all the Accru staff I have worked with.”

John McCauley

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