Superannuation & Retirement Planning Services

We provide you with a holistic plan that considers all your financial affairs – investments, trusts, tax planning, risk insurance, superannuation, retirement, wills and estate planning.

Superannuation and retirement planning are areas that are often neglected or overlooked until later in life, when retirement becomes visible on the short-term horizon. However, this is a fundamental error that people make in managing their finances. Not only does superannuation help to set up your lifestyle for retirement, it can be a very tax-effective means of investing over your lifetime.

Accru Wealth Management’s team of financial advisers are proficient in providing clients with effective superannuation and retirement planning advice. This advice is applicable to people at all stages of life; from those who are young and starting to build their superannuation assets through to individuals who may already be accessing their superannuation benefits.

There are many superannuation structures available to Australians. Whether a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), Industry Super Fund or something in between, our team can provide advice on the most suitable structure for you now and over time, as your circumstances inevitably change. It is important that your superannuation benefits are considered in conjunction with your overall financial situation, as there are several tax effective strategies available that offer savings when you review the cost of holding your funds in the superannuation environment.

Tailored advice aimed at meeting your retirement needs will be developed with you while taking into consideration all other aspects of your financial circumstances. Our superannuation and retirement planning advice may incorporate the following:

  • Tax effective superannuation contributions
  • Accessing superannuation
  • Retirement income streams
  • Superannuation fund comparison
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) advice
  • Responsibilities of SMSF Trustees
  • Investment product options within SMSFs
  • Cash flow management in retirement
  • Asset base projections
  • Insurance review

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Superannuation & Retirement Planning Specialists
One of our trusted financial advisors here at Accru Melbourne; Craig has shown a leading and mentoring role within our Wealth Management division.
He takes a holistic approach to providing financial services that includes business management, taxation planning and wealth management.
As a Director and Divisional Head of our wealth management team, Richard brings a dynamic and enthusiastic approach to client interactions.
His expertise includes providing tailored advice in retirement planning, SMSF strategies, investment advice and asset protection.
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We provide you with a holistic plan considering all your financial affairs – investments, superannuation, tax, retirement and estate planning.