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Are you considering a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund?

We can help you make sense of this heavily regulated and complex area to ensure you are well-positioned for retirement.


It is essential that you are investing tax-effectively into your superannuation account to ensure a comfortable retirement. Accru Melbourne’s specialised Superannuation team can assist you in securing your financial future to ensure you are well positioned to meet your retirement goals.

We cover a range of services including:

Our specialists are highly skilled and experienced in the area of Superannuation and with regulations constantly changing they will guarantee your finances are structured accordingly. We are passionate about providing our clients with practical solutions against complex tax implications and ensuring that they fully understand their superannuation requirements.

We are not associated with any one financial institution or fund therefore we are focused on what is best for our clients and their financial future! Offering a comprehensive solution, we believe in giving our clients trusted, proactive superannuation advice with a cost-effective, efficient administration service.

We also specialise in providing tailored advice on Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s). Our dedicated SMSF team provide specialised expertise on superannuation strategy both internally with our staff and externally for our clients.

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Have enough to retire?

Do you know the benefits of an SMSF? Or need clarity on your Superannuation Fund?

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