Quarterly Reporting Service

Are you considering a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund? We can help you make sense of this heavily regulated and complex area to ensure you are well-positioned for retirement.

Part of our comprehensive solution to provide effective and proactive superannuation advice is our Quarterly Reporting service. We provide the latest quarterly financial reports for your Superannuation Fund within 21 days of the end of the quarter. These reports are tailored to suit your particular needs on an ongoing basis to ensure you have up to date information/figures to make the right investment decisions and to inform you of limits/caps for Contributions/Pensions.

Example of the reports included are:

  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Operating Statement
  • Member Summary Statement and Member Statements
  • Investment Summary Report
  • Depreciation Schedules (where applicable)
  • Investment Income Report
  • Detailed Activity Statement GST Report (where applicable)
  • Realised Capital Gains Report
  • Contributions Breakdown Report

Our Superannuation Specialists also prepare & lodge transfer balance cap reports (TBAR) to the ATO (where required) under event based reporting for new account-based pensions commenced or commuted by members. This ensures that all reporting requirements of the fund are met under the new ATO Event based reporting regime for pensions.

Most importantly, our superannuation team provide timely strategic tax planning including pensions, contributions and other appropriate opportunities for the members as well as the Year End Compliance work including:

  • Completion & lodgement of the financial year end accounts, SMSF return and audit.
  • Obtain actuarial certificate required for the fund for the financial statements/tax return every year
  • Preparation of any fund minutes/pension minutes necessary
  • Preparation and lodgement Quarterly Business Activity Statements (where applicable)

This reporting enhances our relationship with our clients as more communication will be required by both parties to discuss accounts/reports and resolve queries every quarter and will ensure our expert superannuation advice is given on a more regular basis.

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We can help you make sense of this heavily regulated and complex area to ensure you are well-positioned for retirement.


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