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Personal & Business Insurance


There is nothing more important than your loved ones & your ability to support them & yourself when facing challenging times. Having an appropriate insurance plan is vital for you & your family’s wellbeing.


An area of wealth management which many individuals and businesses neglect or delay in addressing is personal and business insurance. Yet it is a critical part of your overall financial plan to ensure that you and those closest to you are protected in the event of you being seriously ill or injured or on your passing.

Accru Wealth Management has the expertise of an in-house insurance specialist, who along with your financial advisor, can assist you in reviewing any existing insurance policies you may have, the associated costs and whether your cover is suitable for your circumstances. Many individuals may think that because they have insurance cover as part of their superannuation benefits they don’t need to review this aspect of their finances. However, it is vital that the insurance policies you have are of high quality and that you will be able to make a claim upon them when required. The way your insurance policies are structured is also a significant consideration as you may be able to arrange your policies in a tax effective way or minimise the impact that insurance premiums may have on your cash flow.

Factors such as your asset and liability position, financial dependents and financial commitments and obligations are imperative to consider when determining whether you or those close to you require insurance cover.

Accru Wealth Management can assist you in reviewing your need for:

  • Income protection
  • Life cover
  • Total and permanent disablement (TPD)
  • Trauma insurance
  • Keyman cover
  • Funding of Buy/Sell agreements
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