Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

Dealing with anxiety and stress due to COVID-19

The media has been saturated with information about the coronavirus. Whilst there is copious amounts of information about isolation, COVID-19 symptoms, contagion and financial uncertainty – information on looking after your mental health is harder to find.

Many people may be experiencing anxiety or stress in relation to the coronavirus. There are many ways to look after your mental health. To assist in this challenging time, we have listed some important factors below.

  • ed work space, ideally somewhere you can shut the door to when you finish for the day. Try to make this work-space as “office like” as possible. Include personal items such as a pot plant or photo. When you finish for the day, turn your computer off for the night. Have a set finish time. Once done for the day, consider your work day over;
  • Try to reduce distractions. This can be difficult especially if you have young kids at home. Try to schedule some activities that will keep kids busy for a while and let you get on with your work. Limiting screen time will also give you some much needed work time. TV is another distraction for you. It can be tempting to have the TV on in the background but it will take you away from your work. Keep the TV off (unless you are using it to keep the kids occupied).
  • Now that you’re not commuting, make the most of your extra time – fit in some exercise, a hobby, extra time with the family or finally watch that Netflix show on your to watch list!
  • Don’t forget healthy eating! It’s very tempting being at home with a stocked pantry to continually graze all day. Try to stick to your regular snack and meal times and make healthy choices (chocolate, of course, is an exception. I don’t understand why people are stockpiling baked beans, noodles etc. but NOT chocolate but I’m glad that they’re not!)

Where to go for information and support.

It is important to seek out help if you feel you need it. The links below may assist:

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Accru team for more information to assist your business during this difficult time (03) 9835 8200.

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