Mystery Box Rally 2018 – Congratulations Persuaders and Team Revolvolution!

We are proud to congratulate our teams and want to help them achieve their targets!

Congratulations to teams ‘Revolvolution’ and ‘The Persuaders’ for completing the 2018 Mystery Box Rally!

This trip was one to remember and everyone involved were so proud to be a part of this great cause! There was lots of fun had by Nicole and Silv (Revolvolution) with Andrew Lane, Michael Cole (The Persuaders) and Marcus Bartlett all thoroughly enjoyed their first experience! Here’s more on what they had to say…

What was the highlight of your trip? What was your favourite place? Did you see anything you’ve never seen before?

Nicole – “Having the best bunch of people in our Buddy Group and driving 2,500 kms on mostly unsealed roads in the middle of outback Australia visiting places that we never knew existed. Arkaroola in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia was definitely my favourite place! The Dig Tree – site of the Burke & Wills expedition depot Camp 65 was something discovered along the way that I’d never seen before.”

Andrew – “The highlight was being in the middle of nowhere every day, beyond ones comfort zone, ready for a mystery every day, driving on unsealed roads. Every place was special, because I had never been to any of them before, but I loved Silverton, Innamincka held a special feel because of where Burke & Wills meet their fate. I had never seen so much of the ‘outback’ – so desolate, so dry, so rocky!”

Michael – “Spending 5 days out of my comfort zone driving out in the outback. Swimming at the water hole in the middle of know where and it was.”

Marcus – “See parts of Australia that one could never imagine visiting in a regular city car. We went to the middle of nowhere, the back of nowhere and everywhere around nowhere. Amazing landscapes that changed every 15 minutes.”

Where there any low points? Did your car breakdown? Are there any funny stories?

Nicole – “Our friends in our Buddy Group “Team Benelley” having car issues on Day 5 and having to be trailered back for the last 100 kms to the finish line. Thankfully our car didn’t breakdown! There are way too many stories to tell but come and see me for an insight.”

Andrew – “None, but the highlight was having an espresso coffee with 3 mates in the middle of nowhere, thank you Marcus and Dino. Our car was overheating on our way up to Mildura, the day before setup, we called into a radiator mechanic on the way up and he had time to fix the radiator and get us under way. Apart from Holden vs. Ford, I was so impressed how so many people took to dress ups and really got into the swing of things.”

Michael – “The only low light was the drive Melbourne to Mildura and the mighty EB Ford V8 overheating. But great planning and team work found a solution.”

Marcus – “Yes, it had to finish! Every minute was special. No breakdowns. Andrew hasn’t quite mastered the full potential of tent pegs, hence his tent tried to take off one night. When he did get out of his tent in the morning, guess what… we have lift off! Yes the tent took off and rolled through the camp site.”

Who won?

Nicole – “We are all winners.”

Andrew – “We are all winners, it’s about fundraising for the Cancer Council.”

Michael – “Team work and friendship was the winner.”

Marcus – “Everyone who competed!”

How would you describe the rally in one word?

Nicole – “Addictive!”

Andrew – “Fantastic!”

Michael – “Life-changing.”

Marcus – “Addictive!”

Will you be participating in the rally again next year?

Nicole – “Yes, next one is in Byron Bay!”

Andrew – “I really would love to do it again. Hopefully Michael and I can do it in the EB Fairmont.”

Michael – “Yes!”

Marcus – “Definitely!”

How much was raised for Cancer Council? Can we still donate?

The Mystery Box Rally is the biggest fundraiser for Cancer Council Australia. All cars were shared sponsorship between Concept Wire Industries, TPM Packaging Solutions & Accru Melbourne.

To find out more about the cause itself, please view this heartfelt story from James the Founder.

The target for Revolvolution is still at $10,000 and The Persuaders are looking to raise $7,000 for Cancer Council Australia. They are not far at all off their targets! There is still time to donate and we would appreciate your support!

A big thank you to all of the sponsors! What a great achievement this has been for all involved. You can still donate! If you would like to donate to either teams, please follow the links to ‘Revolvolution’ or ‘The Persuaders’ and donate to this great cause for Cancer Council Australia. If you have any questions for the teams, complete your details below and we’ll be in touch or give us a call on 03 9835 8200.

Sponsorship: A company/business paying for their logo to appear on your car, on Mystery Box Website with a link to their website (make sure you fill in the URL). Cost for this is $110 inc GST. (The supporting company/business or your team provides the logo & sticker – it can be any size).

Donation: A company/business/person making a donation to your team and not expecting anything (such as logo/branding) in return.

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