Mystery Box Rally 2018 with a little more mystery!

But this year, there is a little twist… 

Once again, our Finance and IT Manager, Nicole will be heading off with her partner Silv on another trip of a lifetime around Australia for the 2018 Mystery Box Rally!

But this year, there is a little twist…

With all the excitement of last year’s rally, one of our Partners has decided to join the crew from Accru to race against Nicole and Silv in the Mystery Box Rally Championship!

On Friday, we got to chat to Andrew Lane and Nicole DeLuca to get a run down on what lies ahead!

What made Nicole want to race in 2018?

To start off, the Mystery Box Rally 2017 was so much fun! The hype leading up to the race and the thrilling race was the best fun had in years. Despite it all being total madness – it was something they had to do again! For both Nicole and Silv, it has actually become an addiction and when it was over last year they felt a bit depressed. When they got home, all they wished for was to go back and do it all over again. They have been preparing since last year and Volvolution is ready to go with a new name and a few new tweaks too! Time to get excited!

Will you and Silv be using the same car this year?

Yes! It’s the same car but with the new and revolutionised name ‘Revolvolution!’

What made Andrew want to race in 2018?

Andrew was so excited leading up to the race and wanted to know more as soon as Nicole first brought it to his attention. In conversations with Nicole and Silv throughout the experience, he had to give it a shot! Their excitement fuelled his enthusiasm! He was inspired by the work that goes on behind the rally and was pleased to hear all of the great charity work involved to raise money for such a worthy cause. The other great insight that Nicole gave him was the fact that it’s not really a race, it’s more of a comradery. The common goal to raise donations and awareness as well as having lots of fun in doing so was something he couldn’t pass up! The other funny part about it will be seeing two men in a tent travelling around Australia in an old car for good times and great classic hits!

What made Andrew invite Michael & Marcus?

It was quite easy to choose who would be best to join Andrew in this rally. Michael and Marcus are a bargain deal! They have been long friends of Andrew for many years and are both valued clients of Accru Melbourne. They have travelled overseas on several occasions and have been on plenty of ski trips together. In this great friendship, they have a common interest in cars and having fun! Andrew thought they would both be great candidates as their enthusiastic about cars mimics his. They enjoy restoring old cars such as Fiat 850, 1970 and have small cars of their own that they do up and to be able to travel in a rally all together, Andrew knew it would be right up their alley. Michael, from TPM packaging solutions also has a passion for high powered speedboats so it’s just another reason for him to be a great partner for Andrew in the Mystery Box Rally.

What kind of car will Andrew & Michael be driving and most importantly what’s your teams name?

A car still hasn’t been found so they are currently looking for something over 25 years old within a cheap price range. They have been searching on daily and are hoping to find an old commodore or falcon (preferably with a roadworthy). If anyone out there knows of anyone selling a car that fits this description, please contact Andrew today on (03) 9835 8200.

Andrew Lane and Michael will be known as ‘The Persuaders’. This derives from the old TV show starring Roger Moore and Tony Curtis that they equally enjoyed growing up. They are also looking for an image of the Persuaders to put on the side of their car which will really finish it off nicely!

We all decided to give the ‘Persuaders’ theme song a listen and funnily enough, we found out Nicole was born the year the song was released!

Tell us more about the teams…

The big decision of late was the announcement that the buddy groups can be nominated. Immediately, Andrew applied and asked to be paired with Nicole and Silv… WITHOUT ASKING… This application (being unbeknown to Nicole and Silv) had left the two in an awkward situation as Nicole and Silv’s other friends, Mick Kelly from Kingcraft Constructions, another dear friend and long term client of Accru Melbourne and his Partner are also participating and they will also be joining in on the buddy group! Nicole and Silv already had another team from last year they had agreed with back then to buddy with as well so there will be a lot of buddying! Not to mention, Andrew’s mate, Marcus Bartlett will also be joining with Dino Salvatore in their team from Concept Wire called ‘Wired Up’.

How long until The Mystery Box Rally starts?

It’s coming close and only 3 months away! It’s a little different this time leaving from Mildura. The rally will be the same format as last year. The total travel will be over 5 days with each morning getting told what your destination will be for the next 2500kms then on the Wednesday they will be heading back to Mildura. We will be touching base with Nicole and Andrew this year, to get photos and stories along the way! Let’s see who breaks down, cracks up and spins out! The ranking of teams comes down to fundraising – it’s not a race! But just for the record Silv wants to win!!! Nicole is most looking forward to the 2 way radio and the banter in the teams which is going to be so much fun! She really thinks Andrew will thoroughly enjoy the laughs but at the same time hopes he breaks down!

What is the charity involved? How do we donate and are there links so we can follow the race?

There are milestones to cover so from 20 July – aim to raise $1,000 then 20 August – aim is $2,000 and by 20 September, it’s $3,000.

Last year Nicole and Silv were very proud to have raised over $10,000 for Cancer Council Australia and they will be looking to do the same this year!

To find out more about the cause itself, please view this heartfelt story from James the Founder.

The Mystery Box Rally is the biggest fundraiser for Cancer Council Australia. All cars will be shared sponsorship between Concept Wire Industries, TPM Packaging Solutions & Accru Melbourne.

If clients are interested in becoming a sponsor and having their name or logo on the vehicles, it costs $110 to any of the members involved to do so. If you would like to donate to either teams, please follow the links to ‘Revolvolution’ or ‘The Persuaders’ and donate to this great cause for Cancer Council Australia. If you’d like to get involved, complete your details below and we’ll be in touch or give us a call on 03 9835 8200.

Sponsorship: A company/business paying for their logo to appear on your car, on Mystery Box Website with a link to their website (make sure you fill in the URL). Cost for this is $110 inc GST. (The supporting company/business or your team provides the logo & sticker – it can be any size).

Donation: A company/business/person making a donation to your team and not expecting anything (such as logo/branding) in return.

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