Run for the Kids 2018 – An Inside Story

A group from Accru Melbourne will be heading out to participate in the Run for The Kids 2018 this Sunday 18 March.

Our staff are very proud to be running to support the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. Our HR Manager, Kate Cain, in particular is very excited to give back to the Royal Children’s Hospital as they have done so much for her son, Oscar.

We had a quick interview with Kate to touch on her story and the great work the Royal Children’s Hospital has done to treat Oscar over the past 4 years.

Kate’s first point was to mention the fact that there was so many departments and individuals to thank for their great efforts and she really cannot thank everyone enough as they never gave up and gave continuous assistance.

When did you decide to join the Run for the Kids?

“Earlier this year, to be honest, I’m not normally a runner but with it being such a good cause, I couldn’t say no! I am a bit nervous and have been going for runs with my friends to get ready for the big day. However I am doing it with the Accru team rather than my friends this time round. From Accru there will be 13 people in total with 9 staff running in the 5km and 4 running in the 15km.”

“I will be running in the 5km this year!” We asked if the 15km would be an option in the future but the answer would be no… “I’d really be looking for a distance that is in between!”

What made you do the run?

“My son Oscar has been in and out of the Royal Children’s Hospital for just over 4 years now. Their care has been absolutely phenomenal! The staff there are tenacious, caring and extremely attentive. I did notice however that they don’t have enough funding for the much needed equipment that is required to perform the amazing work they do only a daily basis. Just as an example, they currently only have two MRI machines and there’s a long waiting list for children requiring MRI machines. The Good Friday Appeal not only supports all of the individuals involved but it enables them to acquire much needed funding for the lifesaving equipment required.”

Tell us a little bit about Oscar’s care.

“Oscar’s symptoms presented 4 years ago. Over the years, he received care from many different departments. He has been treated by Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, ENT, Dermatology, Ophthalmology and the list goes on. He was cared for by Play therapy, clown doctors and all the attentive nurses. They were all so fantastic! Those involved also did a presentation for a board of doctors to try and find answers.”

“There are also a range of other extracurricular activities and entertainment for the kids which really makes the atmosphere much friendlier. It’s great to watch the Meerkats when waiting for different appointments. They also have an Aquarium and the Starlight room to play games like an Xbox, Wii and even some pretty cool craft activities.”

What’s your main aim of doing this run?

“My main aim is to try my best to raise awareness for the Good Friday Appeal and give back to the Royal Children’s Hospital. I basically just want to show my appreciation and gratitude to all of those who helped Oscar and all the other sick children. Doing this run is my way of saying thank you for their continuous support over the past 4 years. My niece was also under their care with cystic fibrosis from when she was born until the age of 18 so I’m also doing this for her!”

From all the other staff here at Accru Melbourne who have their own individual stories as to why they are supporting the run, the main aim is to do the right thing for such a fantastic organisation! We are also going to be involved in the upcoming Hot Cross Bun Morning Tea for the Royal Children’s Hospital and will be privileged to continue support them as much as we can.

What is the one thing you would say to have people support the Royal Children’s Hospital?

“Do the run! Keep active and healthy! And if you aren’t able to run, please donate to the Good Friday Appeal as every little bit helps. There are so many kids in need and donating will get the much needed care they require. The Royal Children’s Hospital do an incredible job but they certainly could do more with more funding. From Accru’s perspective, we are an active firm and like to keep healthy and it’s a win/win for all involved. Keeping fit and participating also allows us to bond with colleagues for a fantastic cause!”

What the charity does?

The Herald Sun/CityLink Run for the Kids is a community event, and its primary aim is to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

The Herald and Weekly Times, through its flagship newspaper, the Herald Sun, has had a long and proud association with the Good Friday Appeal. The Appeal originated in 1931 when a group of Herald and Weekly Times’ employees got together with sports officials to run a sports carnival that raised money for the hospital, then struggling in the grip of the Great Depression.

The Appeal was maintained, funded and nurtured by the Herald and Weekly Times, and since 1956, by television partner Channel Seven.

After a spectacular debut in 2006, the Herald Sun | CityLink Run for the Kids has grown to one of Victoria’s largest mass-participation fun runs with participants experiencing a tremendous thrill running over a great course for a great cause.

The event is proud of its position as the single biggest fundraising contributor for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. To date the event has raised over $15.6 million dollars for the Appeal.

What the hospital does?

The Royal Children’s Hospital improves the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents through leadership in healthcare, research and education. Nearly all families come into direct contact with the work of the hospital at some stage, either through the care of their own children or through friends or family. It is a great children’s hospital that leads the way, and we are thankful for the 30,000+ runners who hit the streets of Melbourne each year to support this important cause by running for the kids.

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