Run for the Kids 2020 – Thank you to our major sponsor MYOB

MYOB donates a huge $10,000 towards Accru Melbourne – Run for the Kids Good Friday Appeal 2020

Accru Melbourne are proud to announce that our major sponsor for the Run for the Kids 2020 is MYOB. We’re running for the kids because we passionately believe in the amazing care the Royal Children’s Hospital provides to our community. We’re delighted that MYOB shares this passion for such an important Australian institution.

Over 20 year partnership

MYOB has partnered with Accru Melbourne for over 20 years, providing practice management software for our firm together with business software for many of our clients. Whilst the business software is well known to Australian business, many of our clients will be unaware that MYOB provide much of the software that drives our accounting firm. This incorporates everything from tax return preparation to document management, from corporate registry services to document signing and portal software. Our firm could not operate without the continual evolution and ongoing reliability of this software.

MYOB solutions

MYOB Business Software, with small business solutions such as AccountRight Live and Essentials has grown with us and our clients over the last 25 years. From the pre GST 1990’s, when MYOB revolutionised affordable all in one accounting software, to the modern day world of Single Touch Payroll, Cloud and data feeds, the MYOB business software has continued to provide cutting edge solutions to small business.

We have been privileged to view first-hand the ongoing investment that MYOB put into their products. In this rapidly changing technological world, we are confident the software will continue to remain at the forefront of accounting solutions. Importantly, these products enable us as your trusted advisors to gain real insights into your business performance and to provide forward looking advice to our business clients.

MYOB donates $10,000 to our cause for The Royal Children’s Hospital

We are thrilled that MYOB are our major sponsor for our Run for the Kids Good Friday Appeal, donating a huge $10,000! Our 25 year relationship with MYOB is something we are proud of and we look forward to working with them more in the future.

If you have any queries about your accounting software or would like to know more in relation to this article, please contact our office on (03) 9835 8200.

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