Solar Energy is the way of the future!

We have an environmentally friendly office, do you?

Accru Melbourne moved into our new and improved office at 50 Camberwell Road at the start of 2017. With the move came a fresh approach on making our office environmentally friendly. We are proud of the responsible decisions we have made to make positive changes for the future!

One of the best decisions we made was recommended by our Property Developer to adapt into the world of Solar Panels for our commercial building. The suggestion captivated our Management Group to push for the intelligent commercial solar design. We decided to go ahead with Sologistics’ great work and were excited to have a new way of looking at energy!

Sologistics is a complete end to end solar solution provider. They started by analysing our unique consumption profile then designed precisely the right solar photovoltaic (PV) system for our office. The most exciting part was when they installed the equipment on top of the building! Watching all the amazing work involved really inspired our directors to introduce solar systems into their own properties. Sologistics then manage the application and grid-connection process as well as showing our directors how to use the comprehensive monitoring and reporting software. This way we could ensure that we were completely accountable and aware of our solar system performance at all times.

  • We are currently getting 40% of our power from the sun!
  • We will achieve a payback period of 4.4 years for our clean energy investment!
  • We are forecasted to save more than $500,000 through the system warranty period and carbon sequestered by 5,461,875 sqm of forest!

View the fantastic efforts of Sologistics and our environmentally friendly office here.

We are an environmentally responsible financial services leader! Do you want to join us in your home or business? To find out more information, please contact Sologistics today on 1300 94 50 10 or view their website.

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