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Earlier this year, some of the Accru Melbourne staff were fortunate enough to attend one of the two annual Grassroots Sports Club Lunches, despite the state moving in and out of lockdowns. The event was held at the Plaza Ballroom on Friday 30th April, and featured special guests Kevin Bartlett, Adam Cooney, and Jason Richardson. 

The GSC hold these events to raise funds that help support financially disadvantaged young people, enabling them to get involved in sporting activities. The GSC believe ‘the playing field should be even for all young people’, and these events are essential to achieving that vision. 

This fundraising event supported the Mirabel Foundation, which is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that’s been running for over 21 years. The Mirabel Foundation is the only one of its kind, run specifically to aid and support young people who have been orphaned or abandoned due to their parent’s illicit drug use and who are now living in kinship care, more often than not with grandparents. 

The Mirabel Foundation has a holistic approach to revitalising and supporting the youths as they grow into young adults. This encompasses all aspects of their development, providing them with access to Therapeutic groups, Social Awareness programs, and Volunteering opportunities, along with essential economic and educational provisions. 

Accru Melbourne pride themselves on having created a distinctly supportive and social culture within the firm. This involves regular firm wide events, fundraising opportunities, and a multitude of other interactive experiences to create a sense of community for all our staff. The Mirabel Foundation looks at supporting its young people by not only providing them with their fundamental needs, but to invite them more broadly into a community much like ours.

This shared belief in developing a sense of community, is one of the reasons Accru Melbourne have been supporting the Mirabel Foundation for over 10 years and will continue to do so well into the future. Now more than ever, our relationships with our colleagues, family and friends have been tested, as our ability to share and connect in person has been so limited. Experiences like these have reinforced the necessity to maintain and nurture the support networks in our lives that we are so fortunate to have.

Many of the children the Mirabel Foundation cares for, start their lives at a serious disadvantage; children are the neglected casualties of substance abuse in our society. The Mirabel Foundation and their benefactors like Accru Melbourne, aid in restoring their freedoms, and allowing them to gain the experiences and connections that should be afforded to everyone. 

We thank Grassroots Sports Club for hosting the event, and the Mirabel Foundation, for their continued efforts in protecting vulnerable youths, and making a positive difference in their lives.

If you would like to donate to this organisation and the wonderful work they do, please click here.

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