What to ask your accountant in your forties?

Do you still know what you need to ask?

In your forties, your priorities may have shifted and life is clearer. Your focus could be on children, developing or growing a business, household income, saving for something special, contemplating when (or if) to retire, debt reduction or maybe just avoiding a midlife crisis.

By now you should know that your Financial Advisors are more than just the people that do your tax and you can ask them all different financial or non-financial questions. No matter what you are focused on, Financial Advisors can assist you or point you in the right direction.

Can you help me with running a business?

Of course we can! Starting, growing or managing something you are passionate about requires help. No matter if that help is just assisting monthly or being hands on in daily financial needs, your financial advisors will be able to assist. When it comes to working out how to use accounting software, bookkeeping or checking Activity statements and accounts are all working correctly, having someone to call when you’re not sure could allow your business to flourish and succeed.

Not only this, Financial and Business Advisors are able to analyse other areas of your business beside finances.

If you aren’t sure what the next step is to improve your business, you could get advice or what areas of the business are working and what areas to focus on. This can be a great start for getting on top of problems you keep pushing to the side.

What are your financial goals?

This question is one you should be prepared for. You need to determine financially where your priorities lie and with this information your accountants will be able to suggest a way to get there. Do you want to plan for retiring early? Do you want a career change? Do you want to pay off your house? Or are you looking at investing in a property? Do you want to save up for a family holiday?

Communicating these intentions means plans can be set in place with your finances to be able to accommodate want you want. Looking at investment structuring, preparing budgets and cash flow reports, advising of the tax implications of a new job and investments, analysing your mortgage or looking at wealth management and investing are just a few of the ways you could come closer to you financial goals.

Don’t put off asking your Financial Advisor for guidance and help, put plans into action and be motivated to manage your money the way you want. Also feel free to ask how their weekend was. So what have you been wanting to know? You won’t know until you ask. We offer diversified financial services that includes tax advice, financial advice, insurance and mortgage broking. Teaming up with our finance and insurance team, a lot of your questions can be answered. Contact our Tax Specialists today on (03) 9835 8200.

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