Jessica’s Story

"I find it a challenging and exciting area; it's gratifying working directly with business owners in reaching their business goals."

Jessica Thava’s list of achievements is extensive; she joined the firm in 2007, undertaking her Swinburne University placement and recently became an Accru Director. During her time at Accru, she has witnessed the business grow and evolve.

Jessica became a member of the Chartered Accountants ANZ in 2012 and has demonstrated during her 15-year career at Accru that being a part of the Business Advisory Service is both challenging and rewarding. Jessica’s love for business advisory began by working closely with business owners and saw an opportunity to provide them with more tailored advice.

As a firm belief that no two clients are alike, she has an unwavering drive to provide each client with the attention and care they deserve. Because of this, Jessica explains, “I find it a challenging and exciting area; it’s gratifying working directly with business owners in reaching their business goals.”

As a senior female leader, Jessica values mentoring and supporting other women at Accru in their careers. She is an advocate for women and knows the difficulties that women encounter, balancing returning to work and parental leave. As a mother of two, she has had to establish the ideal work-life balance.

Jessica encourages a positive work culture at Accru and greatly supports the potential to improve, saying, “with Accru, I have the chance to work with a wide range of sectors, businesses, and people. Not only that, but I get to work on intriguing and unique projects, and I am constantly challenged to grow and improve.”

She attributes her success to the flexibility between work, life, and enjoyment within her profession. Jessica acknowledges Accru has been entirely supportive of this important balance as she connects to one of the company’s principles, We Enjoy What We Do.

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t value my work and the assistance I supply to my clients. I appreciate the difficulties that my work presents and being a part of a fantastic team. My passion for what I do motivates me to improve, learn, and grow.”