Payroll Data Analytics

Payroll fraud costs businesses billions of dollars every year. Would you know if there was a fictitious or ghost employee in your organisation’s payroll system?

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, payroll fraud occurs in 27% of all businesses. Common forms of payroll fraud involve employees boosting their salary payments, adding a false employee and collecting the wages, fraudulently claiming to have worked extra hours, falsifying records of sales made to receive commissions, and submitting false claims for expenses.

Detecting payroll anomalies

Accru’s Payroll Data Analytics service can detect common anomalies in your payroll system including:

  • Duplicate employee details
  • Duplicate bank accounts
  • Employees with no TFN
  • Employees with the same bank account details (or other details) as suppliers
  • Employees who have worked more than standard hours
  • Employee pay rates not matching their award rate or equivalent
  • Employees with excessive overtime or payment of allowances.

We can also undertake additional testing on other specific areas based on your organisation’s requirements, including accounts payable and cash payments, resident’s bonds, retentions, GST, inventory and revenue.

A well-qualified team

Our data analytics professionals are Certified Fraud Examiners and Chartered Accountants. We combine accounting knowledge with software and investigative skills to thoroughly analyse transactions and identify and report any anomalous, erroneous and suspicious activity within your payroll systems.

Managing the risk of fraud

Payroll data analytics can help safeguard your bottom line, as well as identify key risks to your payroll processes. With our independent check of your organisation’s payroll data, you can be satisfied that signs of misappropriation of assets or other irregularities will be uncovered for investigation before it’s too late.

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