Governance & Risk Management

We provide an independent opinion on our client’s financial and non-financial statements, as well as giving important insights and added value as auditors.

Good governance including implementation of effective risk management policies and processes are key elements of all thriving and sustainable organisations. In an increasingly complex and evolving world, achieving organisational objectives requires a thorough understanding of the risk environment and developing the systems and processes to manage the risks identified.

Governance Advisory Services

Our team of highly experienced advisors will add critical insights into the functioning of your Board and assist in setting up sound governance policies and processes. We want you to get the most out of your Board meetings and we are here to assist. Our services include:

  • Board structure reviews
  • Facilitation of Board meetings
  • Board paper reviews and advice
  • Development of Board and Sub-Committee charters
  • Review and development of delegations of authority aligned with organisational needs
  • Review and advice on Board minutes
  • Development of conflict of interest policies
  • Assistance with development of a skills based Board structure

Risk Management Services

Our team of experts will review your risk management practices and advise on your organisation’s risk practices and risk culture.

Our services include:

  • Review of risk management policies and procedures
  • Development of risk management policies, systems and processes (risk management framework)
  • Review and development of risk registers
  • Review and development of a compliance framework and compliance registers
  • Review and development of incident reporting and impact on the risk register
  • Development of risk reports to management and the Board
  • Outsourced risk management services

To find out whether your business needs an assessment of your governance and risk management functions, contact our office. We would love the opportunity to meet you and complete a complimentary Governance and Risk Health Check. Contact us today on (03) 9835 8200.

Governance & Risk Management Specialists
With over 10 years’ experience working as a trusted Auditor, Ahmad plays a key role in the management and development of our audit division and our firm as a Director.
Andrew works in both the business services and audit divisions and is responsible for a large number of small, medium and large audit clients.
Cameron has always prided himself on being highly responsive to his clients’ requirements.
Chairman and Managing Director of Accru Melbourne with extensive Audit and Commercial business experience.
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We provide an independent opinion on financial and non-financial statements, as well as giving important insights as auditors.


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