First Home Buyers

Our specialist mortgage broking and lending service can help you find a home or business loan which best suit your needs and could offer substantial interest savings!

Buying your first home can be a complex and daunting process but our experienced Lending Specialists can simplify the process so it isn’t as complicated as you first imagined. As a first home buyer, it is important to understand which factors to consider when deciding to begin the house hunting process.

Firstly, our Lending Specialists can assist you with setting up a strategy that is tailored to your situation to save up for a deposit. We will also be able to explain other viable options such as utilising security guarantors and lenders mortgage insurance should you want to purchase a property before accumulating the standard 20% deposit.

Before attending an auction or making an offer you should always first obtain a pre-approval to understand how much you are able to borrow and what your budgeted property price range is. Our Lending Specialists will be able to thoroughly analyse your situation and calculate your maximum borrowing capacity and in turn assist you with the pre-approval application process.

As a first home buyer you are eligible for a range of government stamp duty concessions, grants and rebates. Our Lending Specialists will be able to recommend a conveyancer and/or solicitor to inform you of your individual eligibilities. The legal advisor will also be able to help you review contracts and section 32s for any properties you are interested in prior to making an offer, whether for a private sale or at an auction.

Once a contract to purchase has been signed our Lending Specialists will speak to a range of financial institutions on your behalf to negotiate the most competitive interest rate for your situation.

Follow this link to see our comprehensive first home buyers checklist.

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Our specialist lending service can help you find a home or business loan which best suit your needs and could offer interest savings!


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