Purchasing Residential Property

Our specialist mortgage broking and lending service can help you find a home or business loan which best suit your needs and could offer substantial interest savings!

Our Lending Specialists have access to a wide range of financial institutions and are well equipped to assist you with any investment property circumstances, from your first investment property to your fifth. Our extensive knowledge of bank policies and products enables us to offer individually tailored strategies to suit your unique situation. Having accountants in our office means that we often work with clients with complex loan scenarios. We are able to collaborate with our tax advisors to effectively structure your residential and business debts to maximise tax advantages, reduce interest costs and pay off your home loans faster.

Apart from assisting clients with purchasing established properties, our experienced Lending Specialists have helped clients with a wide range of lending needs including constructing residential properties, buying off the plan and house land package purchases.

Before attending an auction or making an offer on a private sale you should always first obtain a pre-approval to understand how much you are able to borrow and your budgeted price range. Our Lending Specialists will be able to thoroughly analyse your financial situation and calculate your maximum borrowing capacity and in turn assist you in the pre-approval application process.

With banks constantly changing their products, policies and procedures, we understand it can be very confusing to sort your way through the myriad of options available to you. As top loan writers we are confident in our ability to navigate you through this process and help you develop an understanding of the property investment guidelines. Our Lending Specialists are also able to negotiate very competitive interest rates on your behalf and potential incentives in your favour.

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Purchasing Residential Property Specialists
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Our specialist lending service can help you find a home or business loan which best suit your needs and could offer interest savings!


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